iPhone App Review: Lose It!

This is a great little free app on the iPhone for Exercise and Diet monitoring. I’ve been using it for a week or so now, and keeping track of your daily calorie intake and calories burned through all manner of activities.

When you first run Lose It! It asks you to enter your current weight, your weight loss goal, and the amount of weight you would like to lose per week: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0lbs. When this is done, it tells you the exact date that your weight loss goal will be achieved. That was nifty!

You will be spending the most time in this app adding food or activity. Let’s take a look at adding food items first.

One of the most convenient features of Lose It! is the built in database of brand name foodstuffs. For example, it has most North American restaurants (including fast food joints) pre-loaded in the app already. So if you slip up in your path to healthfulness, and Cross the Border for a Taco Bell double Baha beef Chalupa meal, Lose It! will be right there to let you know how much damage you did to your daily calorie budget.

The exercise/activity function is equally convenient. It has over a hundred common exercises ranging from Jogging to Sexual Activity. More, within each exercise, the app lets you specify the intensity of the activity. For example, if you select swimming, you can chose from about a dozen further refinements including Breaststroke, Freestlye- moderate, Freestyle- vigorous, or Leisurely (not laps) and then the amount of time you participated, giving you an approximate number of calories burned.

On both the food and exercise side of things you can add your own custom entries. Just last night, I ate at a non-chain restaurant where nutritional information was not available. So I simply put in the name of the Restaurant and made my best guess as to the amount of calories.

As you do these activities, the app lets you know your remaining calorie budget for the day in order to maintain the weight loss goal you originally set. Lose it! for the iPhone is a well thought-out and well executed app that operates smoothly but the real value in the app is that you are now consciously making more healthy decisions throughout the day. You’d love to be able to mark down Apple (35 calories) instead of that King Size Snickers Bar (537 calories) or maybe this is the little bit of extra motivation you need to have a leisurely after dinner walk for a half hour (-111 calories) than sit and watch TV (no calories).

See more screenshots and functionality that I didn’t cover at its website.


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