Throwing more salt on Kate Gosselin’s seeping wound: Mockery via Wig

Child-exploiter, product placement shill and recent divorcee Kate Gosselin is now immortalized via wig. Really hurting for a Halloween costume idea? How about going as Jon?

I have enough Ed Hardy gear, now all i need is a 20 year old coke shoveling co-ed. Leave your number in the comments ladies.

The purposefully ambiguous product description all but ensures that Kate “Husband Stitch” Gosselin (can you say hotdog down a hallway?) doesn’t get her money grubbing paws on any of the proceeds.

“So sleek and so stylish, this blond retro wig will make people think you have eight children and are married to a newspaper columnist (WTF??). Features a blond 80’s-inspired wig that’s smooth and face-framing in the front with a short and puffy back that’s full of volume.

For eight is enough to fill our lives my sad, lonely, pathetic existence with love!”


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