Throwing more salt on Kate Gosselin’s seeping wound: Mockery via Wig

August 5, 2009

Child-exploiter, product placement shill and recent divorcee Kate Gosselin is now immortalized via wig. Really hurting for a Halloween costume idea? How about going as Jon?

I have enough Ed Hardy gear, now all i need is a 20 year old coke shoveling co-ed. Leave your number in the comments ladies.

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Shia LaDouche or Shia LaDeity?

August 3, 2009

I went to a Catholic High School mostly because “all my friends were going”, and because I got to wear a pretty cute uniform skirt which I’d hike up every chance I got ; An act that very often landed me in detention.

While I didn’t really pay too much attention in Religion class, I did come away with a few things. Some rules Catholicism likes to call The 10 Commandments. Numero Uno on His list is not worshiping any other gods. Yours truly went through a Wiccan stage in High School but I’m pretty certain that any of the Gods/Goddesses I was worshiping at the time were way fucking cooler than Shia LaBeouf, so forgive me if this collection of artwork from crazed fans is a wee bit disturbing.  As a culture we tend to take our celebrities and turn them into Gods. Now, fans are creating their own religions based on these celebs.

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