Bad News: I lost my iPhone 3G. Good News: I got the new 3GS! Yeah… you wish you were me…

August 3, 2009

A Compass... Seriously? How about true multi-tasking and unobtrusive notification popups morons....

Engadget does a much more thorough review here.

So I left my iPhone 3G in Vegas. Dignity, hygiene, girlfriend… all replaceable. iPhone, due to AT&T’s iron clad early termination fee, not so much. Thankfully because I was previously on a family share plan with a buddy I could still qualify as a NEW AT&T customer (Suck that you monopolistic, corporate d-bags).

So deciding to really stick it to the man, I decided to opt for the $50 upgrade and get the White (pure class) 16GB 3GS. The ‘S’ is for speed btw and it signifies the upgraded hardware. Did it blow me (ha), a 3G user for the past 9 months, away. Short answer: Kinda, Sorta, Maybe, Meh.

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