Toyota develops robots capable of running? Let the wetting of undies COMMENCE!

August 3, 2009


Before you know it, you’ll have one of these bastards chasing you down the street…damn you Japan!

I once had an argument with friends over what would be more terrifying: The zombie apocalypse or the robot apocalypse. I argued that the robotics industry is nowhere near making robots as menacing as the ones in the Terminator movies and we are basically at the Johnny 5 (The robot from Short Circuit for you popular folk)level of robotics minus the intelligence. I went on and on about how biochemical engineers are making some crazy discoveries in the field of re-activating dead brain tissue etc.

My friends insisted I was wrong about my fascination with zombies and that robots were the real threat. They had me watch Ghost in the shell and some other anime involving cyborg women with enormous naughty pillows. After I ran out of Jergens I began searching the web for breakthroughs in robotics. This is the first of many twisted creations the Japanese are cooking up. Cue Terminator music and a bowel movement.

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